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The health and wellbeing board is focussed on how we (individuals, families, communities, organisations and local politicians) can make Dudley 

 a great

place to live

Dudley Health & Wellbeing strategy 2023 - 28

longer, safer healthier lives

Our health and wellbeing strategy is about how we (individuals, families, communities, organisations and local politicians) can make Dudley a place where everyone can live:

‘longer, safer, healthier lives’​


The COVID-19 pandemic caused disruption across society and within services, negatively impacting on many people’s physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.


Subsequent cost-of-living pressures have made it much more challenging for lots of people and families on lower incomes – including those in work – to be able to live a healthy life. As elsewhere, increasing poverty is widening the gaps in physical, mental and emotional health between communities in Dudley with long term impacts on people’s life chances, and particularly for our children and young people.

During these challenging times, however, we have seen our communities pull together to support each other, the strength of our voluntary organisations, and the ability of our services to respond, react, and to work differently. There has been a better understanding of the health and wellbeing needs of those who live and work in Dudley,the need to work together, and a renewed focus on tackling health inequalities –the difference in health status that existsbetween different communities. 

Our 2023-2028 health, wellbeing and inequalities strategy for Dudley is about how we (individuals,families, communities, organisations and local politicians) can build upon our strengths and work together to improve health and wellbeing, going further and fastest in our most disadvantaged communities.

The strategy is focussing on 3 goals:

1. Children are ready for school by the age of 4

2. Fewer people die from circulatory disease

3. More women are screened for breast cancer

Read our 2023 -28 Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Read our evaluation of of our 2017 - 22 Health and Wellbeing Strategy

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