The health and wellbeing board is focussed on how we (individuals, families, communities, organisations and local politicians) can make Dudley 

 a great

place to live

Dudley Health & Wellbeing strategy 2017 - 22

longer, safer healthier lives

Our health and wellbeing strategy is about how we (individuals, families, communities, organisations and local politicians) can make Dudley a place where everyone can live:

‘longer, safer, healthier lives’​


Improving people’s wellbeing is a really important part of achieving this vision and is about:

  • Us as individuals and our connections with families, friends and community and others

  • The way we look after ourselves 

  • How we will make Dudley a great place to live


As a borough we face a number of challenges:

  • Only the wealthiest in the borough can expect to get to 70 years old in good health. Some people in the borough can only expect to reach 55 years before having health problems

  • People’s expectation and demand for services is growing, but the money we have to spend is reducing - so we need to do more with less money

We know that if we all work together to improve people's health and the quality of services that we offer , there will be more money to go round and we will be able to achieve more.

So....we need to do things differently

We have identified 4 principles that will inform the way we all work together, what we do and how
we report our progress on improving health and wellbeing:


  1. A new relationship with communities - we need to work together to develop a place of healthy, resilient, safe communities with high aspirations and the ability to shap their own future​

  2. A shift to prevention - this offers everyone an opportunity to take an active role in looking after themselves. As organisations we need to make sure it is easier for people to make healthy choices​

  3. A stronger focus on joining up health and care services - moving more services fromhospitals to community settings.​

  4. A stronger focus on what the strategy has achieved - are we doing the right things, how people’s lives have changed for the better.

Information about people’s lives in Dudley tells us that focusing our resources and energy on 3 goals
will have the biggest impact on people’s health and wellbeing:

1. Promoting healthy weight
2. Reducing the impact of poverty
3. Reducing loneliness and isolation


We all have a role to play in helping to achieve these goals – individuals, families, communities,
organisations and local politicians. We are inviting everyone to play an active part in making Dudley
borough a place where everyone can live longer, safer and healthier lives.


Our health and wellbeing strategy sets out:
• what we will do as organisations
• what individuals and communities can do for themselves and each other and
• what we can do together

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