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The health and wellbeing board is focussed on how we (individuals, families, communities, organisations and local politicians) can make Dudley 

 a great

place to live

Evaluation of Dudley's Health & Wellbeing strategy 2017 - 22

longer, safer healthier lives


Dudley’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2017-22 set out our local health and wellbeing priorities for our residents and the approaches that would be taken for everyone in Dudley to live longer, safer and healthier lives. It focussed our energies on what we believed would have the biggest impact on reducing the effects of disadvantage and increasing the strength of our communities at that time.


Our chosen 3 goals were:
• Promoting a Healthy Weight
• Reducing the Impact of P
• Reducing Loneliness and Isolation


We also identified four principles to inform the way organisations, communities and individuals
could work together, what they could do and how they could show they had made a difference
to health and wellbeing in Dudley. These principles were:

• A new relationship with communities
• A shift to prevention
• A stronger focus on joining up health and care services
• A stronger focus on what the strategy has achieved

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