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Dudley is a place where children and young people thrive

Child Friendly Dudley

Dudley Council is working with our partners, stakeholders, community groups, schools and residents to build a new ‘Child Friendly Dudley’.

As the borough emerges from lockdown, we are setting up the initiative to link people, groups and business together to create a brighter future for our children and young people.

We want to put the voices of the next generation at the heart of everything we do and similar initiatives have been used successfully in other towns and cities in the UK. The legacy of Child Friendly Dudley will shape the way organisations such as Dudley Council operate in the future.

We can only make this work by bringing everyone together and we are asking for your input and Dudley Council is currently asking people what Child Friendly Dudley will mean to them.

Perhaps it means greater coordination of sport and recreation activities, help for new mums, support for schools in raising children’s aspirations, better and more diverse employment opportunities for young people who are taking their first steps into work or more safe spaces for children to play and be creative and free.

Whatever it means to you, we want to hear about it and you can help us by taking part in our short survey.

People can also make their own pledge to support the project when completing the survey. This could be something simple such as supporting a parent or child who you know, volunteering at your local school or community group for just a few hours each month to something bigger such as organising apprenticeships or creating a local junior football side.

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