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Dudley Adults Alliance

In December Dudley’s Health and Wellbeing Board commissionned independent orgainsation Ideas Alliance to talk with a wide range of people using a story-telling approach to:

  • identify the key priorities for the new Adults Alliance to focus on over the next 5 years

  • begin to define a new relationship/nature of engagement between organisations and communities.

What people told us they cared about about

Black Country people are the ‘salt of the earth’ – time and again local people were described as very friendly, helping each other out and always having a story to tell


  • The history of the Black Country – from the steelworks to mining, chain making, the extinct volcano, the canals, museums and castle

  • Transport links – mainly via the buses and Ring and Ride. Mobility came up time and again as both an asset and a hindrance

  • The green spaces – parks, canals, countryside; being able to reach the countryside quickly, cycle the canals and visit bluebell woods and fossil grounds

  • Community spaces - including the leisure centres, the swimming pool, community centres, pubs and markets, The Beacon Centre, Queens Cross Network and cafes

  • Social groups - where people come together for a common interest or just for a chat

Yet we know that not everything is good. Some people in Dudley face poor health and wellbeing across their lives, from birth to old age. In some parts of the borough people can only expect to live to age 55 in good health, while those living in other areas can expect to live to age 71 in good health.

This gap is bigger for men than women. Not only do some people live shorter lives, they also live more of their lives in poor health. Dudley’s Health and Wellbeing Board want to narrow this gap to achieve Longer, Healthier, Safer Lives for All.

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